Journalism fosters the conversations that hold society together by allowing people from all perspectives share their stories and ideas. But quality journalism is in danger. Click-bait articles are becoming more prevalent, false information is common, and only a select few journalists are provided the funding necessary to sustainably create quality, in depth journalism. The result is, in a world where technology gives us the real possibility to be more connected to each other’s ideas, we are getting our information from fewer and fewer people and perspectives.

Our goal at Wrippl is to provide a solution to the problems facing journalism today. Our vision is an internet where Wrippl provides a democratic way for people to fund and share quality work. This is founded in the belief that no one person or group should be in control of deciding what news stories you see, or what journalism is funded.

Wrippl is a small tweak to the journalism ecosystem, but if we all work together, we can fund journalism from all perspectives, make quality news stories more visible, and improve discourse around the world.


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